nå;welcome;0 god;married;0 bare;no;0 ses;take;0 og;vacant;0 tysk;what;0 morgen;with;0 fly;have a nice trip!;0 litt;stop;0 velkommen;a, an, one;0 bo;excuse me;0 fra;meet;0 hvordan;to be, exist;0 hvordan;here;0 han;I'm fine!;0 de;professor;0 arkitektur;petrol station;0 nå;how;0 fra;just fine!;0 men;nice, pleasant;0 ta;we;0 koste;maybe;0 takk;not;0 fly;study;0 bil;nice to meet you!;0 hilse;a, an, one;0 takk;day;0 bra;Norwegian;0 bare bra!;from;0 i;I;0 ekspeditør;she;0 hvordan;vacant;0 bare;a, an, one;0 et;boat;0 kilometer;married;0 familie;thank you;0 hete;to be called;0 takk;stop;0 nei;English;0 og;lady;0 ha det bra!;and;0 snart;to live;0 reise;I'm fine!;0 ikke;to;0 hallo;six;0 der borte;German;0 jente;crown;0 snart;vacant;0 også;maybe;0 studere;just, only;0 tog;am, are, is;0 men;a (bottle of) soda pop;0 tur;good, clever;0 ja;in, at, on;0 langt;maybe;0 ekspeditør;you ;0 engelsk;German;0 dag;stop;0 takk;you're welcome! please! here you are!;0 på;crown;0 ja;a, an, one;0 ses;train;0 ikke;stop;0 jobbe;come;0 krone;over there;0 hilse;so long!;0 hvor langt;nice to meet you!;0 over;architecture;0 ikke;good;0 så;you;0 hallo;car;0 vær så god!;petrol station;0 bare bra!;vacant;0 kilometer;fine, good, well;0 neste;Trondheim;0 brus;good, clever;0 den;you ;0 deg;thank you;0 hun;with;0 ses;Norway;0 bra;to be, exist;0 hvor;there;0 der;where;0 på;they;0 god;but;0 Norge;cost;0 med;now;0 flink;morning;0 OK;no;0 jobbe;stop;0 bra;goodbye! be fine!;0 Italia;with;0 i;a shop assistant;0 student;but;0 flink;to;0 studere;far;0 på;family;0 nå;a, an;0 her;train;0 ja;she;0